Chatbots and AI Together to Detect Heart Attacks

(Bernard Marr on LinkedIn, 17/01/2019) Bernard Marr writes: Danish startup Corti […] built, tested and deployed an AI-enabled system that helps emergency dispatchers make life-saving decisions. Currently, Corti’s expertise is in identifying cardiac arrest—when the heart has fully stopped—but the company has plans to extend its life-saving assistance and diagnoses to other… Read More

Chatbots Redefining Customer Experience In Restaurants?

(CustomerThink, 16/11/2018) reports: Designed to communicate in a meaningful manner with customers, chatbots can be integrated with any interface (Facebook, Slack or Telegram to name a few). For e.g., the pizza bot from Domino’s takes delivery orders directly from Facebook Messenger with a mere emoji. […]  With chatbots, your customers… Read More

Autonomous Bots To Build Products In Space

(SpaceNews, 15/11/2018) reports: Space Tango, a Kentucky startup focused on research and manufacturing in microgravity, announced plans Nov. 15 to launch in the mid-2020s an autonomous in-orbit manufacturing facility. The facility, called ST-42, will be a free-flying spacecraft sent into low Earth orbit with robotic systems onboard to produce… Read More

How Chatbots Help Healthcare Industry to Deliver the Right Message

(Chatbots Life, 26/09/2018 ) reports: Informed and demanding consumers are changing the way the healthcare is delivered. […] The current regulations and practices demand a new inclusive approach to bring the healthcare providers, consumers, and industry together.   AI and Chatbots are uniquely positioned to address the needs of the… Read More