Caravan Members Get Legal Options Explained by Chatbot

(Chatbots Life, 17/12/2018)

Jared Jaskot tells on

Lucia, our chatbot that helps asylum seekers understand their legal options was put to the test in my recent trip to Tijuana. Our ambition for Lucia is to clearly lay out the United States asylum process and prepare users for the questions they will be asked by US immigration officials. […]

We have embarked on an effort to discover how bots can power nonprofits efforts to help immigrants. Bots represent a new class of incredibly powerful tools for humans to increase their effectiveness. […]

Helping the world’s refugees understand their rights is a worthy task made much more complicated by the sheer volume of asylum seekers at our borders. We are convinced that chatbots will become a key component in delivering this knowledge. Getting to test our first iteration of Lucia with the caravan was a life changing experience. The members of the Exodus inspired us with their courage and hope. They deserve a chatbot that helps them achieve their dreams.


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