How Chatbots Help Healthcare Industry to Deliver the Right Message

(Chatbots Life, 26/09/2018 ) reports:

Informed and demanding consumers are changing the way the healthcare is delivered. […] The current regulations and practices demand a new inclusive approach to bring the healthcare providers, consumers, and industry together.


AI and Chatbots are uniquely positioned to address the needs of the healthcare industry that is challenged in delivering the right message, the right response at the right time and also in capturing the right voice of the consumer. […]


For Pharmaceutical Companies: Pharmaceutical companies can now deploy new AI and conversational tools for their sales reps and marketing managers and enable them to reach out to healthcare providers and consumers effectively.[…]


For Healthcare Providers: Healthcare providers and doctors can now access the knowledge repository instantly through new voice and chat-based interfaces.[…]


For Consumers: The accessibility of knowledge on various health conditions, treatment options and assistant tools through easy to use conversational interfaces will encourage the consumers in taking the proactive care about their health.[…]


Artificial Intelligence will be a major priority for the businesses in healthcare, given the incredible potential benefit it can bring in to the entire ecosystem.