HB Weekly Wrap 15 – 20 November


Top News Of The Week  20 November Tesla: Recalling 90k Model “S” Worldwide  (coverage from & thanks to Reuters, 20/11/2015 ) FB: The Debut Of The “Work Chat” App (coverage from & thanks to TechCrunch, 20/11/2015) Coinbase: Bitcoin Credit Card (thanks to Coinbase, 20/11/2015) Cisco: Buys Acano Limited (coverage from & thanks to Cnn, 20/11/2015) Amazon: Unlimited Photo Storage For Prime Members & Families (coverage from &… Read More

HB Weekly Wrap 7-14 November


SEO Audit Material  Maerks SEO Audit: A Few Headwinds… Top News Of The Week  14 November France: It Has A New Surveillance Law (coverage from & thanks to Re/Code, 14/11/2015) Sony: Let’s Dance With Hi-Res! (coverage from & thanks to Cnet, 14/11/2015) 13 November Google: Mark Your Favourite Place On Local Guides (thanks to Google, 13/11/2015) Apple: The App Store’s Algorithm Gets Better (… Read More

The Hedge, 11 November (Twitter, Barclays, JP Morgan, Uber, Apple, Google, Microsoft & Others)

The Hedge covers the main news reported that should have caught your attention over the last days. We invite our readers to share with us any value-added content at any time.   Periscope: There Are Major Updates On iOS & Android (coverage from & thanks to Medium, 11/11/2015) Barclays: Barclays Fantasy Football Hit By A Malvertising (coverage… Read More

FedEx SEO Audit: The Best Performer In The Transport Industry

Our SEO analysis of the website of US transport and logistics company FedEx targets a limited number of landing pages and sub-categories, which have been identified through a top-level navigation approach. This provides a good proxy for the performance of fedex.com, which is by far one of the best websites we have found in… Read More

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