FedEx SEO Audit: The Best Performer In The Transport Industry

Our SEO analysis of the website of US transport and logistics company FedEx targets a limited number of landing pages and sub-categories, which have been identified through a top-level navigation approach.

This provides a good proxy for the performance of, which is by far one of the best websites we have found in the transport and logistics industry.

SEO Audit Criteria 

Score: Critical areas where intervention is needed on a scale from 1 to 5 from an SEO perspective. “1” least problematic, no action needed; “5” most problematic, immediate attention needed.
Status: indicates the current performance of the website for the specified parameters.
Description: indicates the analysed SEO parameters, which are identified through the crawling.


Key Findings

  • The website has a decent technical set-up.
  • Speed metrics for desktop & mobile are excellent (96/100).
  • Attention should be given to its canonicalisation strategy in order to avoid duplication issues.
  • Hierarchy structure and on-page should be optimised.

The full audit package (“Fedex Audit”) can be downloaded at the link below.

Please Download Our File Here:

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