HB Weekly Wrap 21 – 25 September


We monitor companies whose online strategy plays a very important part in their business model, combining SEO analysis with a quick take on some of their key financial metrics. Our full analysis package including actionable leads is available only to our premium clients. For a SEO audit of your website contact us at: info@hedgingbeta.com.  SEO… Read More

Accenture SEO Analysis: A Couple Of Nasty Surprises…

Here we present our SEO audit of Accenture. Its online and financial performances were initially discussed by our team yesterday, yet today we focus on the analysis of accenture.com, a website that shows a good technical configuration but is not optimised to the level that is required for Accenture, in our view. SEO Audit Criteria  Score: Critical… Read More

Radiant SEO Audit: And It Is Not Even Mobile Friendly…

We delved into the financials of Radiant for theloadstar.co.uk this week, and our findings were quite revealing. Our coverage will be published on Wednesday. We have also performed a SEO audit of its website, radiantdelivers.com — the outcome was similarly disappointing. Here we present our comprehensive SEO analysis, which doesn’t include actionable leads at this… Read More

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