The Hedge, 29 September (Yahoo, Walmart, Alibaba, Apple, Samsung, PayPal & FB)

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  • Yahoo Spins Off Alibaba Stake: Good News For Yahoo! (coverage from and thanks to Reuters, 29/09/2015)
  • Online Grocery Shopping: Walmart’s Strategy To Include Local Pickup And Further Expansion (coverage from and thanks to Tech Crunch, 29/09/2015)
  • Alibaba Grows In India: Alibaba Invests $680m In Paytm (coverage from and thanks to The Tech Portal, 29/09/2015)
  • Facebook’s Net Neutrality: The Debate In India Continues (coverage from and thanks to Economic Times, 29/09/2015)
  • Ad Blockers Are Not Cool Anymore: App’s Chart Indicates A Drop In Popularity For Ad Blockers  (coverage from and thanks to Marketing Land, 29/09/2015)
  • A New Tracking System For Apple? How Apple’s Data Collection Strategy Differs From That Of Rivals (coverage from and thanks to Washington Post, 29/09/2015)
  • Samsung Pay Is Unstoppable! Samsung Pay Gets The Backing Of TSYS (coverage from and thanks to Market Watch, 28/09/2015)
  • PayPal Enhances Its Security: ‘PayPal Here’ To Support EMV (thanks to PayPal, 28/09/2015)
  • Facebook Down Again: Another Bad Day For FB Users (coverage from and thanks to Mashable, 28/09/2015)

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