HB Monthly Wrap – June

June Here’s How FB‘s Instagram Algorithm Works  (TechCrunch, 1/6/2018) Microsoft Has A Data Centre Running At The Bottom Of The Sea (Engadget, 6/6/2018) Google‘s AI Principles Say No To Weapons Devepolment (Google, 7/6/2018) The World’s Fastest Supercomputer Was Launched By IBM And DoE (TechCrunch, 8/6/2018) Apple Filed A Patent Application For Blood Pressure Monitoring Device (Healthcare IT… Read More

HB Monthly Wrap – March

March FB Instagram’s Very Likely Next Step (TechCrunch, 2/3/2018)  JD.com Rolled Out Its First Annual Report After IPO (JD.com, 2/3/2018) Snap Is Cutting About 100 Employees (CNBC, 7/3/2018) TypingDNA, An Extension For Chrome, Verifies Your Typing (TypingDNA, 15/3/2018) More About Spotify’s IPO (TechCrunch, 15/3/2018)  Salesforce Entered Agreement To Buy MuleSoft For… Read More

HB Monthly Wrap – February

February Alphabet Q4 Earnings Results (MarketWatch, 1/2/2018) Apple Q1 Earnings Results (Business Insider, 1/2/2018) Amazon Q4 Earnings Results (CNBC, 2/2/2018) A Big Week For Elon Musk! (TechCrunch 7/2/2018) Twitter Q4 Earnings Results (Business Insider, 8/2/2018) Amazon Will Start A Delivery Service For Businesses (Fortune, 9/2/2018) Google Launched AMP Story Format… Read More

HB Monthly Wrap – January

January Spotify Files For IPO (Axios, 3/1/2018) GoPro Is Going To Lay Off 200-300 Employees (TechCrunch, 4/1/2018) Facebook‘s Proposal Of The Year (FB, 4/1/2018) Telegram Planned $1.2bn ICO (Coindesk, 9/1/2018) Kodak & WENN Announced ICO (Kodak, 9/1/2018) Facebook‘s New Algorithm Announcement (FB, 12/1/2018) Google Announced AI Tool Cloud AutoML (Google,… Read More

HB Monthly Wrap – November

November Tesla Q3 Earnings Results (Tesla, 1/11/2017)  Apple Q4 Earnings Results (Apple, 2/11/2017) Comcast‘s Xfinity Is Down (TechCrunch, 6/11/2017) Parity Wallet Disclosed A Security Alert (Parity Wallet, 8/11/2017) More About AT&T’s Time Warner Merger Lawsuit (The Verge, 21/11/2017) Apple Acquired VR Startup Vrvana For $30m (TechCrunch, 21/11/2017) FCC Will Decide Net Neutrality Regulations On December (FCC, 21/11/2017)… Read More

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