Globo SEO Audit: What’s Wrong With It?

Tech company Globo performed poorly in our SEO analysis that is being released today, and that is particularly disappointing in the light of its rather small size and its recent financial performance.

(My recent coverage of Globo for The Motley Fool can be found here and here.)

The SEO audit of its website — — doesn’t include actionable leads at this stage.

SEO Audit Criteria 

Score: Critical areas where intervention is needed on a scale from 1 to 5 from an SEO perspective. “1” least problematic, no action needed; “5” most problematic, immediate attention needed.
Status: indicates the current performance of the website for the specified parameters.
Description: indicates the analysed SEO parameters, which are identified through the crawling.


Key Findings

  • Globo’s website didn’t pass the basic Google mobile-friendly test
  • Speed metrics indicate that both Mobile and Desktop performances are well below average
  • User-experience requires optimisation
  • On-page elements and structure require SEO implementation

The full audit package (“Globo Audit”) can be downloaded at the link below.

Please Download Our File Here:

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