Chatbots and AI Together to Detect Heart Attacks

(Bernard Marr on LinkedIn, 17/01/2019)

Bernard Marr writes:

Danish startup Corti […] built, tested and deployed an AI-enabled system that helps emergency dispatchers make life-saving decisions. Currently, Corti’s expertise is in identifying cardiac arrest—when the heart has fully stopped—but the company has plans to extend its life-saving assistance and diagnoses to other ailments. […]

Corti listens and learns from emergency calls with similar machine learning technology that allows ad servers to understand an individual’s product preferences to then deliver appropriate ads. Instead of pushing products to consumers, Corti is able to serve human emergency operators information so they are better able to respond to an emergency call.

According to the American Heart Association, every second counts in a heart incident. Each minute that passes without beginning CPR leads to a 7 to 10 percent decline in survival rates. […]

As part of its training, Corti analyzed 161,000 emergency calls that originated in Copenhagen in 2014. There were 2,000 cardiac arrest calls in that year, and Corti accurately diagnosed 93 percent of those compared to 73 percent accuracy achieved by human operators. Not only did Corti accurately diagnose at a better rate, but it was also able to do so 30 seconds faster. This is an important difference when every minute matters. […]

After initial success in Copenhagen, the European Emergency Number Association (EENA) with members in 80 countries serving cities such as Munich, Milan, Paris and London, rolled out Corti to other cities for additional trials. […]

To expand its support to the emergency response community, Corti developers are currently working on intelligence to detect other ailments such as stroke, drug overdoses and more to assist human operators. […]


Source: Bernard Marr – Linkedin