AI Chatbots in Healthcare

(Chatbots Magazine, 12/12/2018) reports:

Technology has not only improved the ways of treatment but is also successful in saving time and cost by better accessibility to more number of people. […]

AI chatbots like, sensely, buoy health, infermedica have successfully gained people trust by providing them accurate results about their health concerns.

Recently Kauvery Hospital which is one of the renowned multi-specialty hospitals in south india launched a chatbot on its website. The bot helps visitors with the information related to hospital such as departments, doctors, careers, appointment booking and lot more.

This helps hospital to save a lot of customer support time. And makes the process very easy for patients.

Few of the tasks that are best performed by a chatbot in Healthcare

  • Chatbots can schedule appointments.
  • They can answer to general user queries related to hospitals or doctors.
  • They can be useful for sending reminders to patients.
  • They help to self-triage patients’ disease based upon the symptoms they enter.
  • They can be used for patient engagement.