Are Chatbots Better Than Static Sites?

(, 22/11/2018) reports:

When you go to a website, you think about what you want and you try to find it. Ultimately, what you want can be expressed in a question you can ask, such as ‘how much does it cost?’ or “can this product do XYZ?”

Unfortunately, most websites are a maze of static content. The user has to navigate different pages in the hopes that he/she will gets to to the stuff they want. […]

Websites are becoming more and more conversation. One of the best examples is the, DoNotPay lawyer bot. This is a conversational website that asks visitors a few questions and based on the answers it offers a personalized legal solutions. […]


By using a chatbot on your site, you can give users the opportunity to ask questions. The bot can learn to automatically answer the most common questions and lead users down the corresponding content funnel. [….]