Deals, Deals, Deals For Google & Amazon…

Amazon and Google: Lots has been going on in recent days. So, just in case you missed all the fun:


  • Amazon has officially won the Federal Aviation Administration’s approval to test delivery drones in the United States, it emerged earlier this week
  • CEO Jeff Bezos has been talking drones for a couple of years now: this is a clear answer to Google & AllCell Technologies LLC Project Loon, which has become more than just a nice idea after years of development….


The two companies are desperately looking for allies…

  • Amazon has agreed a partnership with HarperCollins Publishers, according to which the US company will enjoy a multi-year publishing deal covering both print and digital, is also emerged this week.

Who is going to be the ultimate winner, then? Well, what I know is that for the time being both Google and Amazon would do well to keep their eyes on the ball, as we argued earlier this week…


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