The Hedge, 30 June (HP, Cisco, FB, Amazon, Uber & Microsoft)

hd2The Hedge covers the main news reported by other sources on the web that our Team of experts believes should have caught your attention in recent days.

We monitor and select the top five stories that truly deserve your attention, on a daily and weekly basis.

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  • HP Vs Cisco:  HP To Unify All Its Networking Products Under A Single System (coverage from & thanks to Bloomberg, 29/06/2015)
  • I Owe You: Amazon Business Loan Program Lands In 8 New Countries (coverage from & thanks to Reuters, 29/06/2015)
  • So Much Going On All in One Place: Microsoft partner Up with AOL and AppNexus (coverage from & thanks to Bing, 29/06/2015)
  • Uber Bing! Bing Maps Technology Acquired By Uber (coverage from & thanks to Mashable, 29/06/2015)
  • More Data For FB Video Publishers: Facebook Enables New Performance Tools For Videos (coverage from & thanks to Facebook, 26/06/2015)


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