SEO Pitch: 6 Simple Rules You Must Abide By

You have just received a Request For Proposal (RFP) and the pitch is due in the next few days.

How can you make sure to impress the potential client with a tailored SEO strategy?


In truth, many different elements determine a successful SEO strategy, but consider these basic points before meeting the potential client:

  1. The brief sometimes lacks the information that is essential in order to determine a comprehensive digital strategy for the client. Ask questions before getting started!
  2. Understand the company’s targets and its competitive landscape. Clients pay a lot of attention to both, but they rarely have the answers. Needless to say perhaps, use a simple language and clearly state your points — the client rarely has the skills that you have.
  3. Stress test all the assumptions that have been prepared by the client — surely they have not been tested before!
  4. Request access to the client’s analytics tools in order to create a solid plan backed by relevant data — be prepared to suggest alternative platforms, too.
  5. Check if any digital marketing activity had already been performed. With particular focus on SEO, check out if the website of the client has been penalised at any point in time.
  6. Perform a comprehensive technical analysis before preparing your on-page/off-page proposal.

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