PR & SEO Need Not Be Two Different Worlds

There is a fantastic tool that was invented in 1906, and it wasn’t a weapon of mass destruction that was later used in WWI; it is called press release.

You may not recall the event, but in those years the Atlantic City train wreck was the one to blame for the first such PR attempt by Ivy Lee.

In those years, SEO guidelines would have not been useful, of course — Google was founded 90 years later! Yet in these days, you must surely abide by SEO guidelines when it comes to preparing press releases.

“But why are SEO guidelines so important, darling?”

That’s a legitimate question a PR guru brought forward today – the truth is, in my experience, even some PR folks don’t see any merits in following strict SEO guidelines in press releases.

And they are wrong.

PR and SEO are indeed two very different worlds – with very different budgets. For both, however, the message is: if the content is optimised, the easier will it become for Google to push up the content in the rankings, and their clients will be the ultimate winner.

There are six necessary steps anybody should follow to have press releases submitted for inclusion in the Google search news section.

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