HB Weekly Wrap 5 – 9 December

9 December

  • Facebook: Tests PopUp Windows For Comment; and Update On ‘Metrics’ (Daily Mail; FB)
  • Samsung: Latest Software Update Will End Note7 Story (The Guardian)
  • TDK: In Talks To Buy Apple And Samsung Supplier (Reuters)

8 December 

  • Facebook: Secures E-Money Licence From The Central Bank Of Ireland; and A New Snapchat-Like Feature (Business Insider; FB)
  • Uber: Updates Its Community Guidelines (Uber)
  • Microsoft: LinkedIn $26.2bn Acquisition Is Officially Closed; and Revamped Cortana Lands In The UK Market (LinkedIn; The Register)
  • HTC: Launches ‘Arcade Saga’, Its First VR Game (Venture Beat)
  • Google: New Apps On Daydream, and ‘Conversation Action’ On Google Home (Google; Google)
  • Spotify: Abandons Plan To Buy SoundCloud (Tech Crunch)
  • Hulu: Introduces ‘Profiles’ (Hulu)
  • Amazon: Debuts AWS Regions In Canada (Amazon)
  • Yahoo: ‘Answers Now’ Available On iOS And Android In US (Yahoo)
  • ThyssenKrupp: Technical Trade Secrets Stolen In Cyber Attack (Reuters)

7 December

  • Pebble: Goodbye To Pebble… (Pebble)
  • Apple: November 2016 – Record Month Ever For The App Store Sales (Tech Crunch)
  • Google & Slack: Expand Partnership (ZD Net)
  • T-Mobile: Announces ‘Digits’ (T-Mobile)
  • Google, HTC, Oculus, Samsung, Sony: Join ‘GVRA’ (GVRA)
  • Google: Open Sources The Embedding Projector (Google)
  • Airbnb: It’s Time To Compromise (Tech Crunch)
  • Starbucks: Innovation Plans; and Teams Up With Niantic’s Pokemon GO (Starbucks; Starbucks)
  • Microsoft: Announces Partnerships With Intel & Qualcomm (Microsoft)
  • Softbank: CEO Son Pledges To Invest $50bn In The U.S. (Reuters)
  • Snapchat: Deepens Partnership With Turner Broadcasting System (Reuters)

6 December

  • Apple: Apple Watch Sales Are Doing Well, According To Cook; Apple Music Hits 20m Subscribers; and Starts Publishing AI Research (Reuters; Billboard; Business Insider)
  • Instagram: New Features To Keep Instagram Safe (Instagram)
  • Google: Renewable Energy Plans For 2017; Mobile App Revamped; 4K Movies Come To Google Play; and Confirm Testing Movies & TV Shows Ratings  (Google; Cnet; The Verge; Search Engine Land)
  • Facebook: Workplace Launches A New Platform (Tech Crunch)
  • Spotify: Sonos App Support Now Live (Spotify)
  • Samsung VS Apple: U.S. Supreme Court On Samsung Side (Reuters)
  • Microsoft: European Commission Finally Clears LinkedIn Deal (Microsoft)
  • GoDaddy: Acquires Host Europe Group For $1.79bn (GoDaddy)
  • Dropbox: Introduces New Mobile Offline Folders (Dropbox)
  • Netflix: Announces Video Previews Feature (Netflix)
  • Pandora: Announces ‘Premium’ Coming Soon (The Verge)
  • Aliplay: Expands Partnerships With Financial Entities In Europe (Reuters)

5 December

  • Volkswagen: Launches Mobility Company ‘Moia’ (Tech Crunch)
  • Google: Introduces ‘Trusted Contacts’; and Android Nougat 7.1.1 Now Available (Google; Google)
  • Uber: Announces ‘AI Labs’ & The Acquisition Of Geometric Intelligence  (Uber)
  • Amazon: Introduces ‘Go’, No Check Out-Required Store (Amazon)
  • Shopify: Acquires Tiny Hearts (Tiny Hearts)
  • Netflix: Becomes The N.1 U.S. Top Grossing iPhone App (Sensor Tower)
  • Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft & YouTube: Partner To Fight Against Online Terrorist Content (FB)
  • GoDaddy: Buys WP Curve  (WP Curve)
  • Facebook: Keeps Fighting Against Fake News (Tech Crunch)
  • Trivago: Files For IPO (Market Watch)
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