HB Weekly Wrap 21 – 25 November

25 November

  • Xiaomi: Smartphones Sales Drop Won’t Impact Profits (Reuters)
  • Black Friday: A Record-Breaking Day (Tech Crunch)
  • Uber: About To Face EU Court (Reuters)

24 November 

23 November

  • Telegram: Launches ‘Telegraph’ (The Verge)
  • Skyscanner: To Be Acquired By Ctrip For $1.74bn (Ctrip)
  • Reddit: CEO Admits He Modified Posts (Business Insider)
  • Google: Tax Settlement With Indonesian Government Upcoming? (Reuters)

22 November

  • Disney: Launches ‘Moana – Hour Of Code’ (Disney)
  • Google: Rebuilt Version Of Google Suite Goes Live; Rolling Out Pixel Update; and Deepmind & NHS Royal Free Hospital Trust Sign A Five-Years Deal (Google; Droid Life; Deepmind)
  • Facebook: Creates Censorship Tool To Recover China (The New York Times)
  • Shopify: Launches Frenzy App (Tech Crunch)
  • Solar City: Introduces A Whole Island Solar – Powered (Solar City)
  • Amazon: It Could Soon Add Live Sports On Prime Offering (The Wall Street Journal)
  • Twitter: Account Temporarily Suspended For Jack Dorsey (The Verge)
  • Microsoft: More On The $26bn Acquisition Of LinkedIn (The Wall Street Journal)
  • Ola: Introduces ‘Play’ Platform (Reuters)
  • HP: Q4 Earnings Results Out (HP)

21 November

  • Apple: iPhone 6 Replacement Program; and Reportedly Plans To Dismiss Wireless Routers Business (Apple; Bloomberg)
  • Facebook: Plans Staff Expansion In The UK; and The NTSB Makes Enquiries About FB’s Drone Incident (Bloomberg; Bloomberg)
  • Google: Opens AI Lab In Montreal; Now Accepts Applications For The EAP; ‘Popular Times’ Updated; and Acquires Qwiklabs (Wired; Google; Tech Crunch; Google)
  • Oracle: Announces Dyn Acquisition (Oracle)
  • Alibaba: Cloud Business Plans To Open Four New Data Centre (Alibaba)
  • Uber: Thank Driver By ‘Compliments’! (Uber)
  • Tesla: Solar City Acquisition Officially Closed (Business Insider)
  • Instagram: Introduces Two New Features (Instagram)
  • NBCUniversal: Invests Another $200m In BuzzFeed (Reuters)
  • IBM: Plans To Open Four New Data Centres In The UK (The Telegraph)
  • Amazon: AWS Storage Update (Amazon)
  • UK: Plans To Invest £1bn In Fiber Broadband (The Guardian)
  • Snapchat: Welcome To NY City, Spectacles! (The Verge)
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