HB Weekly Wrap 19 – 23 October

Top News Of The Week 

23 October

  • Hackers: TalkTalk Is Under Attack (coverage & thanks to IT Pro, 23/10/2015)
  • China’s Smartphone Market: Huawei’s The Top Smartphone Seller In China (coverage from & thanks to Tech Crunch, 23/10/2015)

22 October

  • Microsoft Earnings: Cloud & Enterprise Businesses Deliver Strong Results (coverage from & thanks to Forbes, 22/10/2015)
  • Amazon’s Q3 Results: AWS Contributes To Profit Growth (coverage from & thanks to BBC, 22/10/2015)
  • ‘Search FYI’: Facebook Enhances Its Search Features (thanks to Facebook, 22/10/2015)
  • Dell & EMC: Will Divestment Help Pay For The Tie-Up? (thanks to ReCode, 22/10/2015)
  • Royalties: Pandora Agrees $90m Settlement (coverage from & thanks to The Verge, 22/10/2015)
  • Google ‘DNII’: Google Allocates €150m To Start-Ups And Other New Services (coverage from & thanks to Tech Crunch, 22/10/2015)
  • Apple & China: Apple Launches Two New Clean Energy Programs In China (thanks to Apple, 22/10/2015)
  • Google’s Paid Clicks Rise: 23% More Paid Clicks In Q3 But CPC Is Still Under Pressure (coverage from & thanks to Seeking Alpha, 22/10/2015)
  • Personal Data: The Bill Is Up To $8m for Sony (coverage from & thanks to Computer Weekly, 22/10/2015)

21 October

20 October

  • Apple Music: Record Numbers For Subscribers! (coverage from & thanks to CNet, 20/10/2015)
  • Uber’s Competition In China: Yidao Yongche Raises $700m (coverage from & thanks to Tech Crunch, 20/10/2015)
  • Amazon & NYT: The Debate Over Accuracy Continues (coverage from & thanks to BBC, 20/10/2015)
  • Facebook & Security:  FB Enhances Its Security Notification Service (coverage from & thanks to Wired, 20/10/2015)

18/19 October


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