HB Weekly Wrap 14 – 18 November

18 November

  • Apple: Is It Moving iPhones Production To The US? (Asia Nikkei)
  • Google: The Pixel Phone Resellers Affair (The Guardian)
  • BMW & Baidu: The Alliance Is Over (Reuters)
  • Facebook: About A $6bn Stock Buyback (Tech Crunch)
  • Intel: Wearables Biz Faced With Massive Lay-Offs (Tech Crunch)
  • Google & Novartis: Smart Contact Lenses Test Delayed (Fortune)
  • Fiat & Amazon: Team Up To Sell Cars Online (Reuters)

17 November 

  • Google: DNI Second Funding Round (Google)
  • LinkedIn: Officially Banned In Russia (The Telegraph)
  • Coca-Cola: Have A Selfie Bottle! (Business Insider)
  • AOL: Cuts 500 Staff  (RE/Code)
  • Uber: Rolls Out A Restaurant Guide (Tech Crunch)
  • Apple: A New Patent To Integrate Siri Into iMessage; and Repair Program For iPhone 6 Plus (USPTO; Apple)
  • Mozilla: More OnFirefox Focus’ (Mozilla)
  • Airbnb: Launches ‘Trips’ (The Telegraph)
  • Tesla: Shareholders Approve Solar City Deal (CNBC)
  • Salesforce: Q3 Earnings Results Out (Salesforce)
  • Amazon: Prime Video, A Serious Challenge For Netflix (The Wall Street Journal)
  • WhatsApp: Finally Stops Collecting User Data Across Europe (The Verge)
  • Microsoft: Diversity Goals Policy (Bloomberg)

16 November

  • Tencent: Q3 Results Out (Tencent)
  • BBC: Latest Expansion Plans Revealed (BBC)
  • Microsoft: Offers Eu Concessions Over LinkedIn Deal; and Strengthens Tie-Up With Linux Foundation (Reuters; Linux Foundation)
  • Facebook: About Metrics And Reporting Update; and Acquires FacioMetrics (FB; Venture Beat)
  • Amazon: Music Unlimited Launches ‘Family Plan’ (Engadget)
  • Google: Cloud Joins .NET Foundation Technical Steering Group; Brings Earth To VR; and G Suite Latest Updates (Google; Google; Google)
  • IBM: Invests $200m In Incident Response Capabilities (IBM)
  • Dropbox: Announces Partnership With Symantec (Dropbox)
  • Hyundai: Teams Up With WaiveCar (Medium)
  • Verizon: Snaps up Social Radar, reportedly  (Tech Crunch)
  • Twitter: Bans Alt-Right Accounts; and Introduces QR Codes (USA Today; Twitter)
  • Uber: Taiwan Plans To Ban Uber From Apple & Google Stores (Reuters)
  • Cisco: Q1 Earnings Results Out (Cisco)

15 November

  • Avis & Didi: Learn More About A Strategic Partnership Agreement (Avis)
  • Tinder: Introduces More Genders (Tinder)
  • Twitter: Abuse Policy Updated (Twitter)
  • Microsoft: Teams Up With OpenAI Project (OpenAI)
  • GE: Agrees To Buy Wise.io & Bit Stew Systems (The Wall Street Journal)
  • Hulu: Acquires Video Genome Project (Variety)
  • Facebook: ‘Unified Inbox’ Coming Soon; and Android Auto Integration On Messenger (Tech Crunch; FB)
  • Google: ‘Photo Scan’; and Announces GPUs For Cloud Platform (Google; Google)
  • Snapchat: IPO Filed? (Reuters)
  • Intel: Announces $250m Investment For Autonomous Driving (Intel)
  • Le Eco: Secures $600m In Fresh Funding (Reuters)

14 November

  • Samsung: Agrees $8bn Harman Deal; and Samsung Pay Introduces ‘Rewards’ (Samsung; Samsung)
  • Facebook: Messenger Adds Analytic Support And FbStart Membership Opportunities (FB)
  • Google: Play Music App Revamped  (Google)
  • Amazon: Expands ‘Unlimited Music’ To The UK; Announces ‘Home Services’ Into 20 New US Metro Area; and ‘Trade-In’ Option (The Verge; Amazon; Amazon)
  • Apple: Here’s The New MacBook Pro With Touch Bar; Donate To Charities Through Apple Pay! and Working On AR Digital Glasses? (AppleInsider; Digital Trends; Bloomberg)
  • Verizon: Acquires LQD WiFi (Verizon)
  • Microsoft: ‘Outlook Customer Manager’ (Microsoft)
  • Lyft: Introduces Amp Device (Lyft)
  • WhatsApp: Launches Video Call Option To Everyone (Cnet)
  • Google & Facebook: A War Against Fake News Sites Looming? (The New York Times)
  • Pinterest : Enter A New ‘Explore’ Section (Pinterest)
  • Skype: Latest Changes In Account Policy (Skype)
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