Why Offline Data Is Just As Important As Online Data

As a matter of fact, SEO is an important tool that brings success to broader marketing strategies. There are other ways to promote a brand online, such as PPC, Display, Affiliate and so forth — but a 360 degrees approach is essential to craft tailored solutions for the clients.

We always ask our clients to share their in-house data before starting with any proper analysis of their websites.

Why is that so important?

In short:

  • DataCustomers tend to associate the brand identity with their experiences in offline (physical stores) and online (website) trades.
  • Offline data clearly shows a pattern for preferences and behaviour that seldom can be captured by online data alone.
  • Forecasts must be prepared considering a multi-channel approach, where the performance of a loss-leader segment is just as important as that of the best-performing channel.
  • A bad offline experience will lead to a diminishing number of online customers, and that’s why offline data should be taken into account as part of a comprehensive analysis.

To determine whether your overall marketing strategy is balanced, and your tangible and intangible resources are being allocated fairly, contact our team at info@hedgingbeta.com

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