UPS SEO Audit: It Could Be Worse, It Doesn’t Look Great

We have investigated the performance of US transport and logistics company UPS, which is finding it more difficult to deliver value to its shareholders. Our analysis will be published by The Loadstar later today.

Elsewhere, our SEO analysis shows some critical areas concerning the company’s online strategy.

We have targeted a limited number of landing pages and sub-categories, which have been identified through a top-level navigation approach. This provides a good proxy for the performance of

Our SEO Audit of its rival FedEx will be released later this week.

SEO Audit Criteria 

Score: Critical areas where intervention is needed on a scale from 1 to 5 from an SEO perspective. “1” least problematic, no action needed; “5” most problematic, immediate attention needed.
Status: indicates the current performance of the website for the specified parameters.
Description: indicates the analysed SEO parameters, which are identified through the crawling.



Key Findings

  • The website has a basic technical set-up;
  • Attention should be given to its canonicalisation strategy in order to avoid duplication issues;
  • Speed metrics for mobile are below average;
  • On-page optimisation is required; hierarchy  duplications and the user path journey should be optimised.

The full audit package (“Ups Audit”) can be downloaded at the link below.


Please Download Our File Here: