The Hedge, 31 July (Uber, FB, Samsung, LinkedIn, Google)

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  • Uber’s $1bn Investment: Uber’s Growth Plans In India (coverage from & thanks to Reuters, 31/7/2015)
  • FB Drones: Will Facebook Connect Everybody In The World? (coverage from & thanks to The Guardian, 31/07/2015 )
  • Pay With Samsung: MasterCard Strengthens Its Partnership With Samsung To Deliver Samsung Pay To Europe (coverage from & thanks to MarketWatch, 30/07/2015)
  • LinkedIn/ Deal: The Acquisition of Lynda Boosts Linkedin’s Results (coverage from & thanks to Wall Street Journal, 30/07/2015)
  • Facebook Earnings: FB’s 2Q Results Beat Expectations (coverage from & thanks to CNBC, 30/07/2015)
  • Google Home Services: Beta Test Launched In San Francisco (coverage from & thanks to Search Engine Land 30/07/2015)

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