The Hedge, 27 July (Facebook, Instagram, Samsung, GSR)

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  • FB & Free Internet: Facebook To Offer Free Basic Internet On Mobile Phones (coverage from & thanks to Reuters, 27/07/2015)
  • Instagram & Mobile Ad Revenues: Will Instagram Lead The Mobile Ad Revenues Market In The US? (coverage from & thanks to eMarketer, 27/07/2015)
  • Charge Your Phone Wireless: Check Out Samsung’s New Monitor Integrated Wireless Charging System (coverage from & thanks to Mashable, 27/07/2015)
  • FB Bets On Personalised Online Video Advertising: Facebook Teams Up With Bidalgo (coverage from & thanks to Reuters, 26/07/2015)
  • GSR Plans $5bn Fund: GSR Focuses On Technology Industry (coverage from & thanks to Wall Street Journal, 26/07/2015)

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