The Hedge, 20 July (Ashley Madison, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Homejoy)

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  • Microsoft & Cyber Security: Microsoft Signs Letter Of Intent To Acquire Israel’s Adallom For $320 (coverage from & thanks to Reuters, 20/07/2015)
  • Ashley Madison’s Site Hacked: Data Stolen From Adultery Website (coverage from & thanks to CNBC, 20/07/2015)
  • Microsoft’s Cortana: Digital Assistance For Android (coverage from & thanks to TechChrunch, 17/07/2015)
  • Yahoo’s Latest Feature Is Not For All: A New Livetext App, But Only In HK (coverage from & thanks to Techradar, 18/08/2015)
  • The Price Of Capitalism: Google’s Latest Hire, Bye Bye Homejoy (coverage from & thanks to The Verge, 18/07/2015 and Homejoy, 17/07/2015)
  • Google Search Console: It’s Not A Sitemap Issue For Google (coverage from & thanks to Search Engine Land, 17/07/2015 )

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