The Hedge, 1 July (FB, Google, Apple, Pinterest & Amazon)

hd2The Hedge covers the main news reported by other sources on the web that our Team of experts believes should have caught your attention in recent days.

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  • Hi, I Am Mark, How Can I Help You?: Mark Zuckerberg & His Vision On AI and FB’s Future (coverage from & thanks to Facebook, 01/07/2015)
  • Google+ Post: Downgraded!  Google+’s Brand Posts Have Been Removed from Knowledge Graph Cards (coverage from & thanks to Search Engine Land, 30/06/2015)
  • Apple Music Vs Spotify: Apple Has Launched Its Streaming Music Product (coverage from & thanks to Apple, 30/06/2015)
  • Pin & Buy: “Buyable” Pins Rolled Out In US (coverage from & thanks to Pinterest, 30/06/2015)
  • City Delivery:  Amazon Launches Its Prime Delivery Service in London (coverage from & thanks to TechCrunch, 30/06/2015)

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