Not A Big Fan Of SEO? Well, Think Again…


In the early 80s, when I was just a little child, the tech world wasn’t buzzing and indeed was a very different place.

If you happen to be as young as me, do you recall to have asked your parents for a personal computer (or “PC”, as it’s known in the real world)?

You would have unlikely received a brand new one, and cost was only part of the problem.

That is a useless piece of hardware,” I was told — one of the reasons being that PCs were considered solely for entertainment.

Well, as it turned out, along with the internet, that useless “set of microchips” changed the world.

Fast forward to 2055, and the findings may not be too different with regard to search engine optimisation (SEO).

When I discuss the prospects of SEO these days, I am overwhelmed by the amount of questions concerning the effectiveness of SEO strategies and associated tangible returns.

“It’s useless,” I am told at times.

There are still people in the market who have never heard of SEO, while most of those who are not familiar with SEO, they often think that a new design could have a bigger impact in terms of monetisation.

SEO Helps You

  • Google’s algorithms and metrics keep changing, and you have no choice but to follow the changes and adjust to new guidelines on a daily basis.
  • SEO brings long-term value and is more affordable costs than paid campaigns, such as PPC.
  • SEO plays an important part in digital marketing strategies as well as outside core marketing. In market research, for instance, think of the benefits of performing a SWOT analysis or an audit on both Amazon and eBay. 
  • And with the latest update of Google Trends, which focuses more on topic trends in real time, the need of SEO has become even more apparent.


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