Microsoft Flirts With Google As It Launches Office For Android

GoogleFocus is on Office for Android smartphones, and you read all
the nitty gritty details about Microsoft’s latest announcement here.


One key quote on the topic has made the rounds in the market in the last few hours.

This is the beginning of Microsoft’s real push to say we are cross-platform,” Wes Miller, analyst at Directions on Microsoft, said in the wake of the announcement.

We are fine with that view, but what’s going on behind the scenes?

Bing + Google = Any Chance? 

A couple of months ago, on a different topic, we argued that Yahoo was making a decisive push into search, securing a renewed search alliance with Microsoft aimed at granting it more freedom in the search field.

As part of a broader strategy, Yahoo could seek deeper cooperation with Google, of course, with particular focus on search ads.

Microsoft, though, following today’s win-win deal, could twist Google’s arm — and, dare I say, Bing could even become part of Google’s family at some point.


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