Our Last HB Weekly Wrap For 2016 — Happy New Year!

29 December 

  • Toshiba: About Value Destruction (Reuters)
  • LeEco: In Talks To Raise $1.4bn From A Strategic Investor (Reuters)

28 December

  • Qualcomm: About That $854m Fine In South Korea (BBC)
  • Amazon: Introduces Digital Day (Amazon)
  • Facebook: Acquires The Eye Tribe (Venture Beat)
  • Twitter: Introduces Live 360 Video (Twitter)
  • FDA: Rolls Out Recommendations For Cybersecurity Of Medical Devices (FDA)

27 December

  • Hulu: Announces New Licensing Deal With Disney (Hulu)
  • Panasonic: Strengthens Partnership With Tesla, Invests In Solar (Reuters)

26 December

24 December

  • Snapchat: Acquires Cimagine Media Startup For $40m (Venture Beat)

23 December

  • Uber: Blames iOS For Tracking Your Location  (9to5Mac)
  • Baidu & KFC: Develop Facial Recognition Tool (Tech Crunch)

22 December 

  • Facebook: Teams Up With Northeastern University On Technology Projects; Social Justice Activist Temporarily Banned; and Replaces Nearby Friends With ‘Wave’  (EurekAlert!; Tech Crunch; Tech Crunch)
  • Volkswagen: Introduces A New Concept Car (Volkswagen)
  • Tesla: The Auto Pilot That Follows Speed Limits On Road… (Electrek)
  • Niantic: Pokemon GO is Now Available For Apple Watch (Business Insider)
  • Uber: Self-Driving Car Test Moves To Arizona (The Guardian)
  • Twitter: A Bug Inflated Video Ad Metrics (Business Insider)
  • Faraday Feature: Some bad News For Investors (The Verge)
  • Uncle Sam: Social Accounts Privacy Bows To Terror Threat? (Politico)
  • Baidu: Plans $1bn IPO For iQiyi.com (The Wall Street Journal)

21 December

  • Uber: About Snapchat Filters And More… and Self-Driving Test In San Francisco Stopped (The Verge; Venture Beat)
  • Snapchat: Opens A New R&D Office In Shenzhen (CNN)
  • Facebook: More On Live Feature Updates; and Transparency Report (FB; FB)
  • Alphabet & Honda: Enter Formal Talks On Self-Driving Project Venture (Honda)
  • China: New Ride-Hailing Regulations (The New York Times)
  • Disney: Snapchat Shows Launching Soon (Reuters)
  • Apple & Nokia: A Patent Lawsuit, Again… (The Verge)
  • Google: A ‘Dutch Sandwich’ To Cut Taxes (Bloomberg)
  • TDK: Snaps Up InvenSense For $1.3bn (Reuters)

20 December

  • Facebook: Introduces Shareable Moments & Holidays Cards; Instant Verification For Android; and Live Audio (FB; FB; FB)
  • Nintendo: ‘Super Mario Run’ Delivers Impressive Numbers (Tech Crunch)
  • Instagram: A New Set Of Features For Stories (Instagram)
  • Twitter: CTO Adam Messinger Resigned (RE/Code)
  • Turkey: Social Networks Banned For 12 Hours (Tech Crunch)
  • Uber: Reports A $800m Loss In Q3 (Bloomberg)
  • EU Commission: Did FB Provide Misleading Information About Its WhatsApp Takeover? (European Commission)
  • Prisma: Here’s The Latest Update (The Verge)
  • Apple: Plans Production In India  (The Wall Street Journal)
  • Microsoft: Wins A $927m Contract With The Pentagon (Reuters)

19 December

  • Uber: Partners With Indonesian Taxi Operator; and More On Self-Driving Cars Issues (Fortune; The Guardian)
  • Facebook: Introduces ‘Group Video Chat In Messenger; and Zuckerberg Reveals Jarvis AI (FB; Cnet)
  • Microsoft: Launches Intelligent Network For Eyecare (Microsoft)
  • Airbnb: Works On A New Flight-Booking Tool (Bloomberg)
  • Apple: Appeals Against EU Tax Ruling (Reuters)
  • EU Regulators: Say More Rules Are Needed For Big Data (Reuters)
  • Softbank: Invests $1bn In OneWeb (Reuters)

16 December

  • Twitter: Tests A New Mobile App Design With No Retweet Button (Tech Crunch)
  • Facebook: Aquila’s Test Flight Review; Metrics & Report Update; and Messenger Tests Desktop Group Voice Calling (FB; FB; Tech Crunch)
  • Nintendo: ‘Super Mario Run’ Hits Record Downloads On Day One (The Verge)
  • Google: Announces Gboard For Android (Google)
  • Vine: Introduces Its Rebranded App ‘Vine Camera’ (Medium)
  • Trivago: Stock Surges On IPO Debut (Reuters)
  • Uber: More On Self-Driving Test In San Francisco (Uber)
  • Google, Apple, Uber & IBM: Refuse To Build Muslim Registry (Buzz Feed)

15 December 

  • Just Eat: Buys Hungry House For £200m (The Guardian)
  • Microsoft: Extends Partnership With Here; and Rolls Out A New Social Chatbot Called Zo (HereCBS)
  • Uber: Rolls Out ‘Beacon’ (Uber)
  • IBM & BMW: Announce A New Collaboration (IBM)
  • Instagram: Hits 600m Users (Business Insider)
  • BMW & Daimler: Consider Merging Their Car-Sharing Services (BMW Blog)
  • Twitter: More On Birth And Death Of A In-House Messaging App (Buzz Feed)
  • WordPress: Introduces VR And 360° Content  (WordPress)
  • Apple: Super Mario Now Available On The App Store (Apple)
  • Facebook: About Fake News; and Oculus Launches ‘Rooms’ (FB; Oculus)
  • Yahoo: Shares Fall As Terms Of Verizon Deal Are Being Questioned (Tech Crunch)
  • Google: Joins The Cloud Foundry Foundation; and Maps Is Now Wheelchair-Friendly (Google; Business Insider)
  • Blackberry: TCL Will Produce & Sell Blackberry-Branded Devices (Reuters)

14 December

  • Amazon: Expands Prime Video Services; and Prime Air Drone Delivery Trial In The UK (The Wall Street Journal; Amazon)
  • Symphony: Gets A Pre-Money Valuation Of More Than $1bn (Tech Crunch)
  • Uber: Self-Driving Cars Service Starts In San Francisco (Uber)
  • Instagram: Introduces Saved Posts (Instagram)
  • Facebook: Considers Paying For Its Own Videos (RE/Code)
  • Ashley Madison: Settles With FTC Over Online Dating Breach (New York State Attorney General)
  • Yahoo: Discloses Some Important Security Information (Yahoo)
  • Uber: The Self-Driving Car Service In San Francisco Is Already Over (The Washington Post)

13 December

  • Opera: Introduces ‘Opera 42’ (Opera)
  • Salesforce: Delivers LiveMessage (Salesforce)
  • Snapchat: New Features For Your Holidays! (Snapchat)
  • Facebook: Launches FB Parents Portal (FB)
  • Google: Upgrades SMS For Rogers Communication Customers; Announces Updates To ‘Android Things’; Alphabet Launches New Self-Driving Car Unit; Shares ‘National Security Letters’; Introduces The WebVR API In Chrome For Android; Now Google Drive Helps You Deal With iOS & Android; and Signs Internet Deal With Cuba (Google; Google; Bloomberg; Google; Google; The Verge; Reuters)
  • Adobe: Photoshop’s Last Update Supports MacBook Pro Touch Bar (Adobe)
  • Apple: Standalone Support App Hits The U.S. App Store (Tech Crunch)
  • Snapchat: Rolls Out Group Messaging Feature (Business Insider)
  • Amazon: Announces The AWS Europe (London) Region (Amazon)
  • Microsoft: Introduces Skype Mingo (Microsoft)
  • EU Commission: Messaging App Will Face Stricter Privacy Rules (Reuters)

12 December

  • Honda: Invests In Grab (The Wall Street Journal)
  • Samsung: About Migrant Workers & Associated Guidelines (Samsung)
  • Microsoft: November Was The Best Month Ever For Consumer Surface Sales; Announces ‘Microsoft Ventures’ Fund; and Invests In Element AI  (Microsoft; MicrosoftElement AI)
  • Panasonic: Unveils Checkout Machines For Automated Stores (The Wall Street Journal)
  • Facebook: Introduces A Basic Web Version Of Moments; and Launches ‘Live 360’ (Engadget; FB)
  • Dropbox: Introduces Dropbox For Xbox (Dropbox)
  • Instagram: Live Video Feature Now Available To All US Users (The Verge)
  • Apple: Eyes Investment In Softbank’s Tech Fund (The Wall Street Journal)
  • Google: Bad News For its Self-Driving Car Project? and Android Pay Now Available In Japan (The Information; Google)
  • Uber: Under Investigation Over Data Treatment And Security Stuff; and UberPOOL’s Latest Update (Reveal; Uber)

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