K Line SEO Audit — How About A Domain Consolidation Analysis?

We have investigated the prospects of Japan’s K Line this week for the loadstar.co.uk, and our findings will be released on 13 October.

As usual, we have also performed a SEO audit of its Japanese website, kline.co.jp — well, the outcome was not great, really.

Our comprehensive SEO analysis doesn’t include actionable leads at this stage.

SEO Audit Criteria 

Score: Critical areas where intervention is needed on a scale from 1 to 5 from an SEO perspective. “1” least problematic, no action needed; “5” most problematic, immediate attention needed.
Status: indicates the current performance of the website for the specified parameters.
Description: indicates the analysed SEO parameters, which are identified through the crawling.


Key Findings

  • The technical side requires intervention: duplication issues are likely to harm performance.
  • Speed metrics indicate that there are ways to improve performance both on Mobile and Desktop.
  • Basic SEO guidelines for technical and on-page optimisation have not been implemented.
  • An overall Domain Consolidation Analysis (DCA) should be performed given that multiple domains (e.g. kline.com, kline.co.jp, klineurope.com) are potentially competing for the same rankings.

The full audit package (“K Line (JP) Audit”) can be downloaded at the link below.

Please Download Our File Here:

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