Is SEO Useless For Promising, Small Businesses?

We have recently dealt with two small businesses whose owners showed strong interest in search engine optimisation, but couldn’t agree to carry out a proper SEO strategy.

It’s not surprising, and here is why that may be.

Company A

Company A operates in the leisure sector, with revenue of less than £15m a year. It couldn’t justify the SEO budget based on the additional costs associated to running its business at full capacity.

Any additional sales unit would have meant additional operating costs, which would have diluted returns.

The client told me it would instead consider a PPC campaign.

Company B

Company B, a retail businesses with revenue of £50m, had no choice but to build a new warehouse if the business had grown organically both offline and online, in equal measure. This potential client, too, told me that he would consider a PPC campaign rather than a SEO project.

Three key points for you:

  • If you run either a big or a small company, you should aim to get a proper SEO audit done at some point. It would not be incredibly expensive and could help you identify several issues that affect the rankings and the customer’s journey.
  • Forget about a one-off PPC campaign that may have a strong short-term focus but would bring little economic benefits over the medium/long term.
  • Google Adwords Support could help you set up a PPC campaign, but if the structure of your website is not optimised, while digital performances are not analysed across all the digital channels, your PPC budget will likely go through the roof, without achieving the expected ROI (this also applies to other search engines).


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