How To Monetise Your Website

There is no secret recipe.

When you have to pay bills and your web-related activity — your core business — must be monetised, you have no choice but to go back to the drawing board and decide one very simple thing about your business model.

How would you make money out of it?

Money Pit? No Thanks

First option: your website will be full of value-added and forward-looking content — so good that it will help you drive advertising revenues. Big clients have big budgets, keep this in mind. Also remember that there’s plenty of supply, but quality comes at a premium.


Second option: you aim to reach a critical mass that is absolutely necessary in order to lock in paying customers and charge them a relatively fair price to access your truly unique content. Content is important, but you need to reach a wide audience; so, different digital marketing techniques shall apply, based on your budget requirements.

Whatever your preferred choice is, search engine optimisation (SEO) will help you — a lot, if I may say.

Beyond SEO

  • Strategy, traditional/online marketing projections and financial planning must be considered as part of the same project. Understanding the behaviour of existing and potential customers both online and offline is key to deliver accurate forecasts.
  • SEO can help you find clients or users through off-page analysis, while securing engagement for existing users through performance monitoring and the analysis of competitors.
  • There is no way around it: you must challenge your SEO consultant. Do not trust anybody who promises quick ranking-related improvements — your  website could be penalised by search engines if black hat SEO techniques are put in place.
  • A SEO audit is the first step.

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