How To Deal With Content Marketing Strategies

Relationships between SEO experts and clients can be strained at times. The parties tend to be challenged by their own limits, since day one, even before the brief is sorted out.

They speak different languages. Moreover, they tend to have different views on key topics such as performance measurement and the audience to target. Like a parent with a child, though, it’s hard to say who should really take the blame.

That becomes evident in content marketing campaigns, which should be thought through from the idea-generation phase, which follows the brief, to the execution phase. Development takes time, and the ultimate goal is to drive profitable action from customers.

A Stumbling Block? 

Most SEO agencies are inclined to tell clients that content marketing campaigns fail when low budgets are allocated. That’s only one part of the story: SEO projections are rarely accurate, while plans may change overnight.

From idea-generation to execution, the client usually blames the agency for a lack of creativity, but that’s exactly why the SEO agent has agreed to sign the mandate.

Is all this a stumbling block?

In order to move forward, the interest of the parties must be aligned.

  • Budgets must be realistic. If the budget is low, there may be alternative ways to move on, such as taking a less aggressive stance on off-page marketing, while focusing on on-page content, although both components are equally important to determine the success of a comprehensive SEO campaign.
  • Content marketing campaigns, which mainly include off-page strategy, look after the production of “creative assets”, such as infographics, videos and microsites, and are usually outsourced. The involvement of an additional player in the supply chain — one which tends to have different ideas from the client and the SEO agency itself — complicates things. We do not advise the separation of tasks, unless the parties involved have a content marketingstrong track record on previous projects together.
  • Based on my experience, SEO agencies must co-ordinate the development process, and based on relevant data, they should suggest a strategy aimed at capturing new customers, while retaining the existing audience. This doesn’t need a big budget, assuming execution is excluded from the brief.



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