How Google Can Challenge Your Digital Strategy

Love or hate it, the biggest challenge for digital marketing experts is posed by Google.

Here’s a basic list of problems that we have to face on a daily basis when it comes to dealing with Google: it reinforces the view that “ongoing SEO” is of paramount importance in any digital strategy.

Google Products


Many Google’s products can render your digital strategy less efficient, driving away traffic, which, in turn, tends to determine falling returns for your client.

As time goes by, it’s not getting any better.


Google needs vertical and horizontal integration of services to differentiate its revenues stream.

An example?

Think of Google Compare and similar websites — Google Compare Car Insurance, Google Flights & Google Hotel Finder.


Its data collection strategy — bear in mind that the data is owned by the client — is not exactly based on transparency, and has drawn my attention since 2010, when some keywords related to “https searches” failed to show up in Google Analytics as well as elsewhere.

So, it’s not unusual to have limited access to performance metrics when it comes to reporting data findings to the clients.

Google’s encrypted search testifies to the obstacles we face daily.


It’s not always fun to deal with Google representatives.

You strive to build a great relationship with your client, but Google reps often get in touch directly with the client, spoiling your efforts.

Digital strategies should be based upon sustainable recommendations previously agreed between the client and the agent. But, of course, clients tend to listen to the market leader, only to find out later that the route suggested by Google may drive performance down and budget up.

Also consider that the rules of engagement continue to change, and only Google controls the value chain.

Small Vs Big

Big companies are favoured by Google. Consider BMW’s marketing plan in 2014 as well as those of others.

Not every company is similarly penalised for its wrongdoings.

Money and big budgets matter.


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