HB Weekly Wrap: Google’s SHA-1 Loses Out To Uber This Week

Breaking news: Google will bring its digital assistant to smartphones running the latest versions of its Android operating system, Reuters reported on Sunday.

“For the tech community, our findings emphasize the necessity of sunsetting SHA-1 usage,” Google noted this week.

That is important, and I felt relieved after reading coverage of SHA-1 by a benchmark publication in tech-land — “Google just cracked one of the building blocks of web encryption (but don’t worry)” was the headline from The Verge.

Elsewhere, Google’s Perspective, a machine learning initiative, represented an interesting development and one good reason to stop swearing.

“When computers learn to swear: Using machine learning for better online conversations” was another headline — by Jigsaw’s Jared Cohen — that caught my eye in a week clearly dominated by the busy schedule of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick.

Indeed, Mr Kalanick had a few things to sort out over the past few days — and it all started before the week had even commenced, when Susan J. Flower wrote “Reflecting On One Very, Very Strange Year At Uber“.

Monday 20: An investigation for sexual harassment was launched internally

Tuesday 21:  News of a massive taxi drivers protest hit Uber in Italy

Wednesday 23: Sued by Google, it had some investors feeling as if they “have hit a dead end in trying to influence the company quietly from the inside”

Thursday 24: The hashtag delete uber spread out

Friday 24: Uber women talked of systemic problem

Elsewhere, barring Cloudfare stuff, little happened on the trending tool front.

Earnings seasons, meanwhile, drew to a close with HP, Fitbit, Tesla, and Baidu.

Trending Tech: Google

Key highlight of the week:

Source: Shattered
Source: SHAttered.io


Trending Tools: Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, Cloudfare…

Key highlight of the week:

Source: Reuters
Source: Reuters

Trending Finance: Uber, Verizon, Alibaba, Microsoft…

Key highlight of the week:

Source: susanjflower.com
Source: susanjflower.com
Source: RE/Code
Source: RE/Code

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