HB Weekly Wrap: Big Changes Looming In The SEO World?

The headline from Search Engine Land (SEL) was unequivocal this week.

Source: Search Engine Land
Source: Search Engine Land

SEL wrote:

“There appears to be a large Google ranking or algorithm update happening right now in the core Google web search results,” adding that “The Black Hat World forums and WebmasterWorld forums are the most active discussing it.”

Here is a an excerpt from Search Engine Land.

Source: Search Engine Land
Source: Search Engine Land

Is it something digital marketers should worry about?

Since unconfirmed talk emerged, Google reminded us that changes are business as usual in Mountain View, California, where it is based.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Gary Illyes, who defines himself as a webmaster trends analyst, had his say on Twitter.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Mr Illyes is reportedly dedicated to creating a better search experience for users by helping webmasters create amazing websites.

But how did all this go down with the press and with clients?

As the Washington Post’s headlines points out, the rumoured update was “freaking some people out”…

Source: Washington Post
Source: Washington Post

As far as our clients are concerned, they are reassured by our continuous monitoring of meaningful changes in the algorithm, which didn’t point to any substantial change over the past week.

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