HB Weekly Wrap: Is Apple Stealing Amazon’s Thunder?

Back to Apple: it patented an interactive display panel with IR diodes. Was that meant to steal Amazon parachute’s thunder?

As the saying goes, you wait ages for a bus and then two or more come along at once.

Source: Exo.org.uk
Source: Exo.org.uk

It isn’t any different with tech news — it often follows a random pattern, which at times becomes less of a random walk, and follows more intuitive and logical dynamics.

Take this week’s trending topic — broadcasting — and how it fits both in the tools and finance categories we so closely follow on a daily basis.

Comcast’s Xfinity Stream app was propelled into the spotlight, followed by Apple Music and the announcement of its first-ever TV series.

On cue, Facebook also reportedly was trying to snatch audience share from YouTube as Twitter and Facebook introduced new features to enhance video experience on social networks and promote live broadcasting.

As if that was not enough, Amazon launched ‘Chime’, which essentially is a competitor of Skype for video calls services, while Yahoo’s mail Caller ID and Photo Upload reminds us that another brand new update — and here we enter corporate finance territory — essentially is a non-event when it comes to shoring up the price that Verizon will pay for Yahoo’s equity.

Back to Apple: it patented an interactive display panel with a with IR diodes — was that meant to steal Amazon parachute’s thunder?

As Google rolls out another update for Maps, it continues to expand its offering, with ‘Fact Check Tag’ hitting more countries.

Earnings from T-Mobile, HTC, Groupon, Lenovo, and Trip Advisor almost passed unnoticed?

They shouldn’t have, particularly those of T-Mobile.

Trending Tech: Google

  • Map’s Latest Update Makes Possible To Share Favourite Places With Friends (Google, 13/2/2017)
  • Fact Check Tag Expanded To Brazil, Mexico & Argentina (Google, 15/2/2017)
  • If You Want To Play A Duet, Now You Can Do It Via AI (Google, 16/2/2017
  • Google Announces Partnership With Telenor To Launch RCS Messaging System (Google,16/2/2017

Key highlight of the week:


Trending Tools: Yahoo, Amazon, Apple…

Key highlight of the week:

Source: USPTO
Source: USPTO

Trending Finance: Softbank, Wal-Mart, Alibaba, Snap…

Key highlight of the week:

Source: Reuters
Source: Reuters

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