HB Weekly Wrap 8-14 May – How To Halt ‘A Global Hacking Attack For A Tenner’

“UK cyber security researcher slams brakes on virus” ran the headline in the Financial Times on Saturday.

“It is not often that you can halt a global hacking attack for a tenner. But when you do, you spend your money fast,” the FT wrote, adding that “although Friday’s attack infected computers in almost 100 countries, it did not go on to spread further, thanks to an eagle-eyed UK security researcher who spotted a ‘kill switch’ in the malware code and used it to stop the virus and collect data on infections in real time.”

To find out more about this fascinating story, please click here.

Elsewhere, Google drew our attention, as usual, although there was no meaningful news about tools and core business stuff. Inevitably, moonshot projects continue to absorb a huge amount of capital, as their effectiveness is questioned; The Verge noted that “Waymo’s self-driving cars are racking up miles faster than ever”, and that’s surely encouraging.

Alphabet’s push into the AI/virtual reality field, meanwhile, gained traction with the purchase of VR game studio Owlchemy Labs for an undisclosed amount.

For its part, Facebook is keeping itself busy with a novel approach to neural machine translation, as our table below shows, while Amazon and Wal-Mart have no intention to give up on their ambitious hi-tech plans.

Noteworthy, Apple closed in on a market valuation of $1 trillion last week, with its equity currently trading at $156 a share.

Finally, corporate earnings were a somewhat mixed bag.

This week, Japan’s Softbank reported its trading update and confirmed it intends to shell out $5bn in Didi over time, while also investing immediately $500m in UK tech start-up Improbable.

Snap stock was hammered due to hefty quarterly losses; Nvidia surged; and Yelp’s trading update confirmed the company has to to hope somebody will come to the rescue.

Happy Monday, everybody.


Key highlight of the week:

Source: Tech Crunch
Source: Tech Crunch

Digital: Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Didi…

Key highlight of the week:

Facebook Language Translator
Source: Facebook

Trending Finance: Verizon, Opera, Apple, Amazon…

Key highlight of the week:

Source: eMarketer
Source: eMarketer

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