HB Weekly Wrap 5 – 9 September

9 September

8 September

7 September

  • Amazon: Restaurant One-Hour Delivery Service For Prime Members In London (The Telegraph)
  • Dell & Emc: Deal Complete (Fortune)
  • Starbucks: ‘Upstanders’, A Multi-Platform Distribution Series (Starbucks)
  • Apple: Apple Music Hits 17m Subscribers; Everything About iPhone 7 Event; To Donate Thousands iPads To Students And Teachers, and iWork Real-Time Collaboration (The Verge; Tech Crunch; Venture Beat; The Verge)
  • Google: Teaming Up With Box (Reuters)
  • HP: Plans To Spin Off & Merge Non-Core Software Assets (HP)
  • Intel: Plans To Spin Off Cyber Security (Intel)
  • Snapchat: ‘Local Stories’ & ‘Live Moments’  (Bloomberg)
  • Daimler: Investing In Drones  (Reuters)
  • Uber: Planning Investments In India  (Reuters)

6 September

  • Google: High-Speed Undersea Cable In Asia; ‘Shop The Look’ Launch; and Chase Now Supports Android Pay (Google; Google; Android Police)
  • Adobe: Collaborations & Updates For Creative Cloud (Tech Crunch)
  • Paypal & Mastercard: Partnership Expanded (Mastercard)
  • Samsung: A $1bn Recall? (Bloomberg)
  • Snapchat: Advertisers Rely On Snapchat (eMarketer)
  • Yelp: ‘Bug-Bounty Map’ (Yelp)
  • IBM & Box: A New Workflow Tool (Bloomberg)
  • Microsoft: UK Cloud Data Center (Microsoft)
  • Instagram: Removing Photo Maps (Mashable)
  • Cuba: The Government is Filtering Mobile Text Messages (Reuters)

5 September

  • Softbank: $31bn ARM Acquisition Completed  (The Verge)
  • Snapchat: Has Joined Bluetooth SIG (Fortune)
  • Apple: Weekly Personalised Playlists On Apple Music (Tech Crunch)
  • Intel: Movidius Acquisition Plan (Movidius)
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