HB Weekly Wrap 29 August – 2 September

2 September

  • Didi-Uber: China Files An Antitrust Investigation (The Wall Street Journal)
  • Samsung: Recalling Galaxy Note 7 (Samsung)
  • Yum: Deals With Alibaba Group And Primavera Capital (Reuters)
  • Google: Automated Insights; and Project Muze (Google; Venture Beat)
  • Daimler: ‘Smart Ready To Drop’ Now Online (Daimler)
  • BMW: ‘Apple CarPlay’ (BMW)
  • Apple: A New Twitter Account Ahead Of iPhone 7 Launch? (The Verge)

1 September

  • Twitter: How To Make Money With Live Content (Twitter)
  • Salesforce: $110m BeyondCore Acquisition (Tech Crunch)
  • Xiaomi: ‘Mi Pay’ Officially Available (Android Headlines)
  • Apple: ‘SiriKit’ Upcoming On iOS 10; and Will Start Removing Outdated Apps (Apple; Apple)
  • Facebook: ‘Instant Video’; and FB’s Satellite Destroyed By Space X Falcon 9 Explosion (USA Today; Tech Crunch)
  • Softbank: Pokemon GO Sponsored Location (Tech Crunch)
  • Samsung: Galaxy Note 7 Exploding Batteries (Reuters)
  • Airbnb: Transparency Report (Airbnb)
  • Google: ‘Project Ara’ Suspendeded (RE/Code)

31 August

  • Google: A New Ride-Sharing Service In San Francisco (The Wall Street Journal)
  • Uber: 50 Electric Cars In London By The End Of September; and WageWorks Partnership (The Telegraph; WageWorks)
  • HTC: $5m Investment In VR Gaming Start-Up (Venture Beat)
  • Instagram: ‘Zoom’ On iOS (Instagram)
  • Facebook: ‘Zstandard’ Compression Algorithm Open Sourced (Tech Crunch)
  • Nvidia: Partnership With Baidu  (Nvidia)
  • Amazon: Wells Fargo Partnership Discontinued (Bloomberg)
  • Salesforce: Q3 Earning Results Out  (Reuters)

30 August

  • Apple: Ordered To Pay EU Euro13bn In Irish Taxes (European Commission)
  • Google: Moo.do For Gmail; and A New Search Mode (Medium; Google)
  • Uber: Introducing ‘Local Offers’ (Uber)
  • Sonos: Third-Party App Support (Variety)
  • Facebook: Revamped ‘Offers’ Experience (Tech Crunch)
  • Microsoft: Over 60m Dropbox Accounts Breached (Motherboard)
  • Snapchat: Rolled Out On-Demand Geo Filters (Snapchat)

29 August

  • Square: A Deal With Vend And TouchBistrot  (RE/Code)
  • Facebook: Safety Check Self-Activation (Venture Beat)
  • FBI: Databases Breached (Yahoo)
  • Google: ‘Cast’ Now Integrated Into ‘Chrome’; and ‘Crowdsource’ New App (Google; Android Police)
  • Niantic: Pokemon GO Accounts Bans Update (Niantic)

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