HB Weekly Wrap 24-30 April – Google’s Green Card in Cuba…

Google’s owner Alphabet has ambitions to match, yet apart from dreams that often come come true when it comes to the American behemoth’s strategy, what was truly shocking in recent days was the announcement that it had managed to strike a deal in Cuba that could carry great significance.

While it’s too early to speculate that it could also signal a political U-turn, we ought to pay attention to latest news from CNN: “When someone in Cuba watches a YouTube video for the first time, that content has to travel through undersea cables from servers in another country. But once it gets to Cuba, it will now be stored on local servers, and the next person who wants to watch it will have a noticeably faster load time.”

“Internet access in Cuba is limited and expensive, and some estimates say as little as 5% of people have Internet at home. In order to surf the web, Cubans often congregate at cafes, hotels, and other public areas that have Wi-Fi,” it added.

Underneath the surface, Google — a $633bn-market-cap firm — is also investing more time and resources to adjust the algorithm that identifies and solves all problems related to fake news.

But Cuba ain’t fake news.

It deserves a mention as being a deal that perhaps is a sign of the changing times as well as the start of a new era for border control, which is something tech-land must gauge, among other obvious risks,  in terms of capital investment risk.

In its quest for glory, Google has a formidable rival, apparently — “Uber targets 2020 for on-demand VTOL demo flights in Dallas and Dubai” was the headline from Tech Crunch last week, when Bloomberg noted that “we just got our first glimpse of Elon Musk’s new tunnel company.”

Quarterly earnings anybody?

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Source: Miami Herald
Source: Miami Herald

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Key highlight of the week:

Source: Tech Crunch
Source: Tech Crunch

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Source: Bloomberg
Source: Bloomberg

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