HB Weekly Wrap 24 – 28 October

28 October

  • Uber & Jobcase: Announce API Integration (Jobcase)
  • Alibaba: Lazada In Talk To Buy Redmart (Tech Crunch)
  • Facebook: Testing A New Camera App; and Introducing A New Voting Guide Feature  (Daily Mail; FB)
  • Google: About A New Partnership With Netflix (Variety)
  • Amazon: ‘Prime’ Launched In China (RE/Code)
  • EU: Privacy Concerns Mount Over WhatsApp & Yahoo (The Wall Street Journal)
  • GM: Expands Maven Program To L.A. (Fortune)
  • Apple: Partners With LG For Ultra-Fine Displays (Mac Rumors)
  • Tesla: Unveils New Solar Roof Tiles (Wired)

27 October 

  • Facebook:’ Lifestage’ App Now On Android; and ‘Masks’  (Engadget; FB)
  • Samsung: Q3 Earnings Results Out (Samsung)
  • LG: Q3 Figures Out (LG)
  • Qualcomm: Snaps Up NXP For $47bn (Qualcomm)
  • Samsung: More on the Tachyon Acquisition (Tech Crunch)
  • Uber: The Future Of On-Demand Air Transportation; UberEATS Delivery Grows (Uber; Uber)
  • Twitter: Q3 Earnings Results Out; and Shutting Down Vine (TwitterMedium)
  • Apple: MacBook Pro 2016 Announcement; and An Update On The MacBook Pro Event (Macworld; Tech Crunch)
  • Yahoo: Just A Transparency Report (Yahoo)
  • Mozilla: Introducing ‘Project Quantum’ (Medium)
  • Amazon: Q3 Earnings Results Out (Amazon)
  • Alphabet: Q3 Figures Out (Alphabet)
  • FCC: Broadband Consumers Privacy Rules (FCC)
  • LinkedIn: Q3 Earnings Results Out (LinkedIn)
  • ZTO Express: IPO Debut Disappoints  (The Wall Street Journal)
  • Sony: ‘Playstation Vue’ Expands Streaming Service (Playstation)

26 October

  • Google: More On The Dart Developer Summit In Munich; Launching A New Suite Of Tools; and ‘Google Cast’ Becomes ‘Google Home’ (Dart; Google; Google)
  • IBM: Announces Partnership With GM (IBM)
  • Microsoft: More On The Microsoft’s Windows 10 Event (Microsoft)
  • Tinder: ‘Swipe The Vote’ Feature (Tinder)
  • YouTube: ‘End Screens’ (YouTube)
  • Airbnb: 2016 Diversity Report Out (Airbnb)
  • Snapchat: A $4bn IPO On Its Way? (Bloomberg)
  • Tesla: Q3 Earnings Results Out (Tesla)
  • Verizon: Acquires Vessel (Vessel)
  • Samsung: ‘Pay’ Feature Is Adding Three News Countries And A Global Partnership With Mastercard (Samsung)
  • Vodafone: Fined For $5.60m (Reuters)

25 October

  • Uber: Self-Driving Truck’s First Delivery  (Wired)
  • Google: ‘Express’ Service Covers 90% Of The Continental US; ‘Jamboard’; and Employees Layoffs Coming To Google Fiber  (Digital Trends; Google; Google)
  • BT: ‘LinkUK’ (BT)
  • Microsoft: Announces ‘Cognitive Toolkit’ Beta (Microsoft)
  • Mastercard: Launches Chatbots For Banks And Merchants (Mastercard)
  • AT&T: Rolling Out A Superior $35 Subscription (Tech Crunch)
  • Pandora: Q3 Earnings Results Out (Pandora)
  • Apple: Q4 Figures Out; and Reportedly Developing Its Car OS In Canada (Apple; Bloomberg)
  • Udacity: Introducing The AI Nanodegree Program (Udacity)
  • Facebook: ‘Prisma-Like’ Future Upcoming To Live Video (Venture Beat)

24 October

  • Apple: iPod Turns 15; and ‘Apple Pay’ Comes To Japan (Apple Insider; Mac Rumors)
  • Samsung: Upgrade Program For South Korea Note 7 Customers (Reuters)
  • Netflix: Wants To Offer $800m Of Serious Notes (Netflix)
  • Facebook: Relaunches ‘FB Safety Center’ (Digital Trends)
  • DDoS Breach: Webcams Recall (BBC)
  • Google: A New Partnership With Visa And Mastercard; and About The Acquisition Of Eyefluence (Google; Eyefluence)
  • The New York Times: The Wirecutter Deal (The New York Times)
  • PayPal: Deeper Ties With FB (PayPal)
  • Lyft: Testing ‘Line Passes’  (Lyft)
  • FTC:  Sued By CCFC (CCFC)
  • Uber: Giving Flu Shots To Users (Uber)
  • Twitter: How About Layoffs? (Bloomberg)
  • WhatsApp: Testing Video Calls On Android Devices (Android Police)
  • Le Eco: Unveils Its Self-Driving Electric Car (Reuters)
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