HB Weekly Wrap 17 – 22 October

22 October

  • AT&T: Time Warner Deal Hits The Wires (AT&T)

21 October

  • US East Coast: DDoS Breach (CBS)
  • Qualcomm & NXP: A Deal Binge On Its Way? (CNBC)
  • YouTube: Available On Dish Hopper 3 DVR  (Android Headlines)
  • FB: To Launch New Marketing Campaigns In The UK & US  (FB)
  • Airbnb: NYC Sued (The New York Times)
  • LinkedIn: More On EU Regulators’ Data  Investigation (Reuters)
  • PayPal: About Those Payment Issues & The Cyber Attack On Dyn (Reuters)

20 October 

  • Google: Join GCP Next’ London (Google)
  • Verizon: Q3 Earnings Results Out (Verizon)
  • Facebook: Election Updates Now On Messenger; and 360 Videos & Photos Loaded Onto Instant Articles (Tech Crunch; FB)
  • PayPal: Q3 Earnings Results Out (PayPal)
  • Microsoft: Q1 Figures Out (Microsoft)
  • YouTube: Record Views For The Presidential Debates (YouTube)
  • Nintendo: ‘Nintendo Switch’ Preview (The Verge)
  • Spotify: A New App For Samsung Smart TVs (Spotify)
  • Samsung: In Talks With LG To Supply Smartphone Batteries (Reuters)
  • Tesla: To Roll Out A Ride Services Program (Reuters)

19 October

  • Facebook: Endorse Your Favourite Candidate!; and Introducing A Set Of New Features (The Wall Street Journal; FB)
  • Amazon: New Capabilities To AWS Educate (Amazon)
  • LinkedIn: Renewed Endorsements (Venture Beat)
  • Microsoft: ‘Bookings’ Now Connects To FB Pages (Microsoft)
  • Google: ‘G Suite’ Updates; and Android 7.1 Developer Preview Now Available (Google; Google)
  • LeEco: A 360 Degrees Tech Offer (Cnet)
  • YouTube: CBS Web TV Service Soon On YouTube (The Wall Street Journal)
  • eBay: Q3 Earnings Results Out (eBay)
  • Yahoo: Does The Government Have Anything To Do With It? (Yahoo)
  • Tesla: Announces Full Self-Driving Hardware For Vehicles (Tesla)
  • T-Mobile: It Will Pay A $48m Fine (The Verge)

18 October

  • Amazon: Announces ‘Family Vault’   (Amazon)
  • Facebook: Testing ‘Messenger Day’ In Australia; and Live Broadcast Scheduling Via The Live API (Business Insider; FB)
  • Samsung: Note 7 Exchange Points At Airports; and To Invest $296m In India Plant (Samsung; Reuters)
  • Facebook & eBay: ‘ShopBot’ Beta On Messenger (Medium)
  • Airbnb: Teams Up With Solar City (Solar City)
  • Microsoft: Announces Advancements Backing Government Cloud; and Outlook Premium Public Preview Available (Microsoft; ZDNet)
  • Vimeo: Global Television Store Launched (Vimeo)
  • Yahoo: Q3 Earnings Results Out (Yahoo)
  • Intel: Q3 Figures Out (Intel)
  • Wal-Mart: Enter ‘Vudu Movies on Us’ (Wal-Mart)
  • Tinder: ‘Tinder Boost’ Live Worldwide (Tech Crunch)
  • Google: ‘Pixel Phone’ Review (The Verge)
  • Instagram: ‘Stories’ On Explore (Instagram)

17 October

  • Cisco: Acquires Worklife (Cisco)
  • Apple: To Sweep Up Car Project?; and iOS 10 Update (Bloomberg; Apple)
  • eBay: ‘eBay Collective’ (eBay)
  • Google: ‘Google Flights’ Upgraded (Google)
  • Facebook: Messenger Is Testing ‘Conversation Topics’ Features (Tech Crunch)
  • Netflix: Q3 Earnings Results Out (Netflix)
  • Amazon: Launched A New Region In Ohio (Amazon)
  • Uber: TfL Imposes English Test On Drivers (CNN)
  • Instagram: Rolling Out New Tools (Seventeen)
  • Microsoft: Speech Recognition System Almost ‘Human’ (Cornell University)
  • IBM: Q3 Earnings Results Out (Reuters)
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