HB Weekly Wrap 12 – 16 September

16 September

15 September

  • Pandora: ‘Pandora Plus’ (CNBC)
  • Twitter: Rolling Out New Features For Businesses  (Twitter)
  • Spotify: To Launch Streaming Service In Japan  (Tech Crunch)
  • Google: ‘Urban Engines’ Acquisition (Venture Beat)
  • NFL:  Hits 2m Viewers Via Twitter (NFL)
  • Apple: Denied Tidal Acquisition Rumours; iPhone 7 Plus Sold Out; and Shares On Track To Record (Buzz Feed; Reuters; CNBC)
  • Microsoft: Google Drive Support On Outlook (The Verge)
  • Samsung: Galaxy Note 7 Formally Recalled In US (CPSC)
  • Uber: Won Preliminary Approval Over Gratuities (Bloomberg)
  • Baidu: Gets The Green Light To Test Self-Driving Cars (Reuters)
  • Oracle: Q1 Earnings Results Out (Business Insider)
  • Pinterest: ‘Promote Button’ (Pinterest)

14 September

  • Uber: Self-Driving Cars In Pittsburgh (Uber)
  • Google: ‘TrueView For Action’ (Google)
  • Twitter: Introducing Apps For Live-Streaming Video (Twitter)
  • LeEco: Purchase Of Dichotomy Creative Group (LeEco)
  • Airbnb: ‘Superhost’ (Airbnb)
  • Bayer-Monsanto: A $57bn Deal (The Wall Street Journal)
  • Spotify: Over 40m Subscribers (Forbes)

13 September

  • LinkedIn: ‘Lite’ Launched In India (Digital Trends)
  • Amazon: Rolling Out Another ‘Prime’ Benefit (Amazon)
  • Adblock: ‘Acceptable Ads Platform’ Beta (Adblock)
  • Pandora: Signed Deals With Major Labels (Reuters)
  • Apple: iOS 10 Is Now Available To All; TvOS 10; WatchOS 3; and Ask Siri To Get a Ride! (Tech Crunch; Mac Rumors; Digital Trends; Apple Insider)
  • YouTube: ‘YouTube Community’ (YouTube)
  • Facebook: Is Messenger Hiding ‘Rooms’? (Tech Crunch)
  • Google: Testing Speed Limits On Google Maps (Droid Life)
  • Facebook & Twitter: Join Forces Against Fake News (Reuters)

12 September

  • HP: A $1.05bn Deal With Samsung  (HP)
  • Verizon: Sensity Systems Acquisition (Verizon)
  • Microsoft: Signed A Six-Years Deal With HP (Microsoft)
  • Instagram: Introducing A New Keyword Moderation Tool (Instagram)
  • Facebook: Messenger Hits 300m Voice And Video Calling Users; Messenger’s News Features; and EU Top Court To Rule On Privacy Case (Forbes; FB; Fortune)
  • Google: ‘Cardboard Camera’ Is Now On iOS (Google)
  • Ebay: Launched ‘Quick Sale’ (Ebay)
  • Twitter: Stay Tuned!; and Live Steaming Partnership With Cheddar (Twitter; Cheddar)
  • Samsung & LG: Sued Over Recruiting Policies (The Wall Street Journal)
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