HB Weekly Wrap 12 – 16 October

We monitor companies whose online strategy plays a very important part in their business model, combining SEO analysis with a quick take on some of their key financial metrics.

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SEO Audit Material & Articles 

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Top News Of The Week 

15/16 October

14 October

  • Is Siri Safe? How Hackers Control Siri (coverage from & thanks to Wired, 14/10/2015)
  • Netflix’s Q3 Results: Netflix Drops After Disappointing Q3 Performance  (coverage from & thanks to TechCrunch, 14/10/2015)
  • Linkedin Referrals: Linkedin Could Improve The Recruiting Process (coverage from & thanks to Venture Beat, 14/10/2015)
  • Skype For Business: The Business App For iOS Devices Is Now Available (thanks to Office, 14/10/2015)
  • Square Files For IPO: Square Tests The Market (coverage from & thanks to The Verge, 14/10/2015)
  • Uber & Security: Data Leak Hits Over 600 Drivers (coverage from & thanks  to The Verge, 14/10/2015)
  • New Chairman: Google’s Former Chief Business Officer Joins Twitter (coverage from & thanks to CNBC, 14/10/2015)

13 October

12 October

  • Dell Agrees To Acquire EMC: Dell & EMC Agree $67bn Deal (coverage from & thanks to Reuters, 12/10/2015)
  • Hackers Target Dow Jones: 3,500 Customers Payment Details Are At Risk (coverage from & thanks to Computer Weekly, 12/10/2015)
  • Sell With Facebook: FB Enhances Its E-Commerce Offering Adding New Features (thanks to Facebook, 12/10/2015)
  • Publishers & Snapchat: Refinery19 Joins ‘Snapchat Discover’ (coverage from & thanks to Re-code, 12/10/2015)
  • Hackers & Insurance Companies: Prices For Cyber Insurance Coverage Rise (coverage from & thanks to Reuters, 12/10/2015)

11 October

  • Have You Ever Downloaded Ad-Blockers? Mobile Ad-Blockers Hit Revenues (coverage from & thanks to AFP, 11/10/2015)
  • Apple News & China: US IPhones Are Affected! (coverage from & thanks to Mashable, 11/10/2015)

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