HB Weekly Wrap 10 – 14 April

Google’s latest developments in India drew our attention in recent days.

“Google has just released a new app on the Play store — Areo,” theandroidsoul.com wrote, adding that “the name itself doesn’t tell much about the app, but it’s about making it easier and faster for you to order food and home services online.”

“The app is currently live only in Bangalore and Mumbai in India. But if things go cool, the search engine giant will probably expand its services to other cities in India and to other countries as well.”

In other unrelated news concerning Google, the spotlight was on new investment of almost $900m in flexible organic light-emitting diode panels, as well as on annoying page jumps in Chrome, which Google said “typically happen when the website inserts an image or other content above the visible area, pushing down what’s on the screen.”

“With the newest Chrome update, we’re introducing something called scroll anchoring, which locks the content you’re currently looking at to the screen, keeping you in the same spot so you can keep reading. Check out a side-by-side comparison, without and with scroll anchoring.”

While cyber security and fake news remain a hot topic, competition between Lyft and Uber intensifies, just as we all expected, and Apple’s next strategic move appears to be closer.

Elsewhere, Instagram announced an impressive achievement, which possibly didn’t go down well with its rivals. As Reuters reported, the shares of Snapchat-owner Snap were under pressure last week “after rival Instagram, owned by Facebook, said more than 200 million people a day use its Stories feature, which competes against Snapchat.”

Finally, Amazon’s expansion plans in India didn’t pass unnoticed.

Medianama.com first reported last week that “Amazon India has received permission to run a wallet license in India, becoming one of the 84 companies authorised by the Reserve Bank of India to operate payment licenses.”

“The license has been given to “Amazon Online Distribution Services Private Limited”. The license was issued to Amazon on the 22nd of March 2017, and is valid till the 31st of March 2022. The wallet will probably be linked to Amazon Pay, which Amazon introduced in India last December, although then it was seen as a rebranding of its gift cards business.”

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Source: Google

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Source: Reuters

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Source: MediaNama

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