HB Monthly Wrap – November



Source: CNN
Source: CNN



If you want to discuss any of these topics with our team, please email us at info@hedgingbeta.com.

Our Team

Alessandro Pasetti, Co-founder & Chief Strategist Officer
Email Ale now: apasetti@hedgingbeta.com

Laura Pasetti, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer
Email Laura now: lpasetti@hedgingbeta.com

Gian Mario Contessa, Chief Technology Officer
Email Gian Mario now: gmcontessa@hedgingbeta.com

Francesca Chiappalupi, Non-Executive Director
Email Francesca now: francesca@hedgingbeta.com

Bruna Scuderi, SEO Specialist
Email Bruna now: bscuderi@hedgingbeta.com

Jeni Smith, Educational & Business Development Manager
Email Jeni now: jsmith@hedgingbeta.com



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