Does Your SEO Advisor Comply With SEO Guidelines?

A couple of days ago, published research according to which the list of the top 100 US SEO companies in April was spearhead by Netmark, HigherVisibility and

Here you’ll also find the top 100 players in the UK.

Each month a team of researchers spend time identifying and reporting the top search engine optimization companies around the world to assist businesses in selecting the best firm to assist them,” says.

The key ambition of is to assist customers in searching for remarkable companies based on established standards created by the independent research team. The resulting standards are used to identify which solutions produce the best experience for customers in online marketing,” it adds.

Image source: FORBES.COM

analyseMany similar league tables are published monthly and annually, and they are surely a good way to identify market leaders and laggards.

But the best way to figure out whether your SEO advisor is doing its job properly is for you to perform a SEO technical analysis on the SEO provider’s website. When asked by clients, in several cases, we found that some of the so-called leading  agencies did not even bother to apply some basic SEO guidelines to their own websites, which begs the question: are they truly committed to SEO?

Finally, a couple of names on the UK list have been in the news for the wrong reasons recently, including the fact that their SEO standards would not comply with official and recommended guidelines.

Does black hat SEO ring any bell?


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