HB Weekly Wrap 8 – 14 February


TOP ARTICLES OF THE WEEK 12 February Amazon: Italy-Based NICE Acquisition (coverage from & thanks to Reuters, 12/2/2016) Google: Bye, Bye Picasa (thanks to Google, 12/2/2016) Apple: USB-C Cables Design Issue (coverage from & thanks to The Verge,12/2/2016) 11 February Google: WorldWide ‘RTBF’ & Virtual Reality (coverage from & thanks to the Financial Times, 11/2/2016, and The Wall Street Journal,11/2/2016) Uber: ‘Booking-Fee’ (coverage from & thanks to The New York Times,… Read More

HB Weekly Wrap 31 January – 7 February


TOP ARTICLES OF THE WEEK 5 February Amazon: AWS In Mumbai (coverage from & thanks to India Times, 5/2/2016) Twitter: GIFs Button (coverage from & thanks to Mashable, 5/2/2016) LinkedIn: Q4 Earnings (coverage from & thanks to CNBC, 5/2/2016) Visa: Visa Developer Platform (coverage from & thanks to Mashable, 5/2/2016) 4 February Facebook: Medical Marijuana Pages (coverage from & thanks to Engadget, 4/2/2016) Google:… Read More

HB Weekly Wrap 23 – 30 January


TOP ARTICLES OF THE WEEK 30 January Facebook: Sales Of Firearms Banned (coverage from & thanks to Reuters, 30/1/2016) 29 January Microsoft: Cloud Computing & Mobile (coverage from & thanks to BBC, 29/1/2016) Amazon: Earnings & Delivery Costs (coverage from & thanks to Market Watch, 29/1/2016) Sony: Sales Of Sensors Drops (coverage from & thanks to Reuters, 29/1/2016) Google: ‘SkyBender’ Project  (coverage from & thanks to The Guardian,… Read More

HB Weekly Wrap 16 – 22 January


TOP ARTICLES OF THE WEEK 22 January Google: Mont Blanc Street View & Free Wi-Fi On Mumbai Trains (coverage from & thanks to Engadget, 22/1/2016 & the Times of India, 22/1/2016) Google & Apple: Google Pays $1bn For Search Bar (coverage from & thanks to Bloomberg, 22/1/2016) Skype: IP Addresses Hidden (coverage from & thanks to The Verge, 22/1/2016) Symantec: Silurian Partnership Ends (coverage from & thanks to IT Pro, 22/1/2016)… Read More

HB Weekly Wrap 9 – 15 January


TOP ARTICLES OF THE WEEK 15 January Amazon: Ocean Freight Forwarder (coverage from & thanks to Reuters, 15/1/2016 )  IBM: IRIS Analytics Acquisition (coverage from & thanks to Tech Crunch, 15/1/2016) NSA: Phone Spying Program & Privacy (coverage from & thanks to Reuters, 15/1/2016) Google: What’s Hot & What’s Nearby (coverage from & thanks to Search Engine Land, 15/1/2016) 14 January Yahoo: The Largest-Ever… Read More

HB Weekly Wrap 2 – 8 January


TOP ARTICLES OF THE WEEK 8 January Samsung: Q4 Earnings Guidance ( thanks to Samsung, 8/1/2016) Google & Lenovo: Project Tango ( thanks to Google, 7/1/2016) Microsoft: ‘Cellular Data’ App (coverage from & thanks to PC World, 8/1/2016) Apple: Wall Street Is Upbeat On AAPL (coverage from & thanks to Reuters, 8/1/2016) EMC: Dell Acquisition & Layoffs (coverage from & Thanks to Tech… Read More

HB Weekly Wrap 6 – 11 December


Top News Of The Week  11 December Ford: $4.5bn Investment In Electric Cars (coverage from & thanks to Reuters, 11/12/2015) Facebook: AI Technology (coverage from & thanks to The Economic Times, 11/12/2015) Atlassian: 32% Up On $5.8bn Nasdaq Float (coverage from & thanks to The Guardian, 11/12/2015) 10 December Uber: Legal Battles In America (coverage from & thanks… Read More

HB Weekly Wrap 29 November – 5 December


Top News Of The Week  5 December Microsoft: Windows 10 Mobile (coverage from & thanks to TechCrunch, 5/12/2015) Sony: New Playstation VR (coverage from & thanks to The Verge, 5/12/2015) Yahoo: Mulling Options (coverage from & thanks to Reuters, 5/12/2015) 4 December Samsung: $548m Payment To Apple (coverage from & thanks to TechCrunch, 4/12/2015) Net Neutrality: It Ends Up… Read More

The Hedge, 11 November (Twitter, Barclays, JP Morgan, Uber, Apple, Google, Microsoft & Others)

The Hedge covers the main news reported that should have caught your attention over the last days. We invite our readers to share with us any value-added content at any time.   Periscope: There Are Major Updates On iOS & Android (coverage from & thanks to Medium, 11/11/2015) Barclays: Barclays Fantasy Football Hit By A Malvertising (coverage… Read More

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