Ashley Madison SEO Audit: Cyber Security Is Not The Only Problem

Mother Teresa once said that you should be faithful in small things because is in them that your strength lies.

This applies to adultery website Ashley Madison, too.

Success Has Its Price

Of course, the market is now focused on its cyber security issues, but Ashley Madison’s future success also hinges on how quickly it will grow its market share.

To achieve that, its website’s technical and on-page structures must be flawless.

They are not, in our view.

The most problematic indexation issue, according to a comprehensive SEO audit performed by Hedging Beta, can be found below — check out bullet point number 1.

Unfortunately, we get a bit technical here, but if you have problems to understand some of the content below, please give us a shout.

SEO Audit Summary

  • Score: Areas where intervention is needed in a scale from 1 to 5 from an SEO perspective. 1: least problematic; 5 most problematic, immediate attention is needed. 
  • Status: indicates the current performance of the website for the specified parameters.
  • Description: indicates the analysed SEO parameters, which are identified through the crawling.
SOURCE: Hedging Beta Report (Attached)
SOURCE: Hedging Beta

To Cut A Long Story Short: 

  • Technical & Indexation Issues: Incorrect robots.txt rules have been identified on the site; invalid syntax is embedded in robot rules. (The robots.txt file indicates directories and paths that are either allowed or disallowed for crawling purposes by specific agents.)
  • On-Page Optimisation: The analysis shows a lack of basic on-page optimisation which yields a non-optimised structure, hierarchy and navigation.

The full audit package (“Ashley Madison Audit”) can be downloaded at the link below.

(Francesca Chiappalupi contributed to this SEO analysis.)

Please Download Our File Here:

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